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“My position, lone as it might be, is that making important activities special has been basic and fundamental to human evolution and existence, and that while making special is not strictly speaking in all cases art, it is true that art is always an instance of making special.”


—Ellen Dissanayake, Homo Aestheticus: Where Art Comes From and Why

I love the way my rugs look on the floor. Though they resemble traditional hooked rugs on the surface, I use the same industrial processes and materials that give modern carpets their durability. They get better looking as they get older and they are very luxurious underfoot. Some of my rugs are hung on the wall (it’s easily done with some carpet tack strip and tiny nails), but why wouldn’t you want something beautiful under your feet? When you live with functional art, the everyday acquires an air of celebration; what was once simply routine takes on a sense of ceremony.

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