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Looking at art has been described as “taking the eye for a walk”. When it comes to handmade rugs, the promenade can be physical as well as metaphoric.

Each rug begins as a sketch, first in a sketchbook and then on sturdy backing material stretched tight across a vertical frame. Then I combine 2 and 3 ply wools made specifically for carpets and rugs, laying in each color one at a time. I mix up to four balls of yarn together in the tufter, resulting in a very complex color combination. This can lead to some unexpected "wild cards", and I can still be surprised by what happens to a rug when the final color goes in. No two rugs are identical, although I may repeat designs for a client. I love to work with people on special projects and see their house if possible. I’m always happiest when I’m working on something new.

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