Since childhood, I’ve loved textiles: whether sewing my clothes or embroidering my jeans or learning to weave in high school.  I studied textiles as an undergrad at Tyler School of Art, and then earned a Masters Degree at the Rhode Island School of Design. I learned how to make rugs in the late 1980’s, while teaching in England. I had become friends with another American fiber artist, Grace Eckert, who was beginning to experiment with hand tufting as an alternative to tapestry weaving and she let me have a try. In those years I’d also started to paint. Painting is more immediate than weaving and using the tufter gave me the same freedom as painting but in my preferred medium. It was a revelation. When I returned to the US in 1990, I opened my own studio, On the Spot.

There is an inexplicable power to the handmade—a power born to our lavish human impulse to add beauty to the commonplace;

to render the ordinary sublime.